Monday, June 6, 2011

All rugged up....

It's getting quite chilly here at night and early mornings with no curtains or blinds so we popped out on the weekend and picked up this Rug to warm and brighten up the place.

It's actually quite deep in colour, the photos don't quite do it justice. The little bits of 'seaweed' (that's what I'm calling it) are raised and little Snickers (The brown cat on the lounge) loves pouncing on them.

It's a glorious day here today, sun is out and shining.

This is the house being built behind us. A guy turned up yesterday, on a Sunday, and started rendering all by himself. He did the whole LHS and half of the rear as you can see below.

They've just set up again, there are three of them today and they are hard at it again. Surely if there's three of them they'll be finished by lunchtime!

I did say that I'd do a post last week about the curtains and blinds however I've found it difficult to try and describe what I've ordered.

All I'll say is I've used two suppliers, one for some gorgeous Zepel and Warwick Fabrics for our Bedroom, the Guest room and the Office/Soon to be Nursery. I then opted for some Luxaflex Roller and Roman Blinds for the living areas and other spare bedrooms. The fabric I've chosen is a Light Filtering Sheer that is white and with an almost rice paper look that is a heavier texture. I also used Luxflex to put some White Shutters in the bathrooms.

I'm expecting a call this week about the Roller and Roman Blinds from Luxaflex to come and install, the others however are still all at least 2 weeks away.

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Love the rug and can't wait to see the window finishings. ;-)