Monday, December 20, 2010

Loving my kitchen..............

This time next year I'll be preparing all my Christmas goodies here!

Can't wait!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've been tagged............. a game of 'Things to Know' by Our Noosa Beach House ..... here I go......

What is the one thing you can't stand?

At the moment, my job!

If you could go back to your childhood which cartoon character or TV show would be your favourite?

Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

Do you believe in ghosts?

In ghosts? Not sure. However I do believe there has to be an explanation for all the 'unexplained' and if that means there are ghosts then so be it!
What is the funniest story you have about your significant other?

oh where to start, probably the funniest was when I picked him up from a work Xmas Party a few years ago and brought him home, well almost..... I had to push him out of the car, which was a big mistake as he spent the next few hours passed out on the front lawn for all the neighbours to see!

What is your proudest moment of being a parent?

Well I can't answer this question as we aren't there yet, fingers crossed for some good news re this topic in the New Year!

If you could go back and relive one day in your life what would it be?

My wedding day, what happy memories I have of that day.................

And now I will pass onto Kerri at Driftwood Interiors
Belle Inspirations

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rain but the site Shines!

External render almost complete, the rear of the house needs a second coat, but the front is lovely and smooth! It will be finished with a coat of Solver, Nomad Beige.

Kitchen cabinets now starting to be put into place.....

I'm really like my own designs!

Ensuite Bathroom cabinets all in place

Main bathroom, not much space I know, but how much bath stuff can kids have? The stone bench will run along to the wall with the window so there will be a little nook or place for a basket to store towels/toys.

Guest Room Ensuite - my Dad has already claimed this room.

So there we were enjoying
the changes with the house and
suddenly we heard............


And then we looked outside to find....................

Storm clouds rolling in over the hill!

I had about 2 minutes to say goodbye to the house and get to the car! We drove home in the heaviest rain storm we've had in a long time, hubby had to pull over at one point as we couldn't see a thing.

On a lighter note, picked up these gorgeous Aqua ceramic coasters at Sussans, yes the clothing store!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is what you'd call......................

My Xmas Shopping! All done! Decided this year that I didn't want to battle the shops with 1,000,000 other people and spent one afternoon ordering it all online!

How is everyone else going with theirs?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Starting to feel a little homely..................

We took a trip to the house on Saturday, despite the rain with my best friend to show her the house and were completely gobsmacked by the builder's progress!

They had done all this.......

My gorgeous Blackbutt timber floors!

All the kitchen/laundry cabinets all laid out, looking pretty.

My BF's boots on the new floors!

All the brickwork on the rear, right and left hand sides complete!

Garage Doors looking quite blue......hmmmm it is Ironstone!

Just a little bit of bricking to go across the front and around the front door.

Guest Room Cabinets

Master Suite Cabinets

Main Bathroom Cabinets

I must say being there with BF and hubby with the flooring in and trying to piece together all the cabinets was very comforting. I imagined myself making cups of coffee at the kitchen bench while my family and friends sat around my fireplace or out on the alfresco, and really felt like all my dreams are about to come true. Don't quote me on it but I'd be surprised if it takes the builder any longer than 10 weeks after Christmas to complete the rest of the house!

After a lovely lunch at Litse Lounge we came home to this.............

I don't think I've introduced you all to our babies Harvey (Lilac Burmese) and Snickers (Brown Burmese) yet. Most of the time they are best friends like this. I think I'll include more photos of my babies in my future posts in preparation for their move to the new house too!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little lift............................

You may notice a little change to the blog, need a little lift myself so decided to update the blog.

I also need to start thinking about what to do in some various spaces in the house, for example.....

this is the entrance to the master suite. My initital thoughts are two glass shelves, to put ?? on. Or I could put some Luxe Look wallpaper on the back of this Niche and match it with the same wallpaper on the back wall of the bedroom? Does anyone have any ideas?

and also....

The fireplace, I've got so many ideas in my head for this space 

Below is a pic of the stainless surround that will be the finished product.

I'd love to have some sort of floating shelf / rustic mantel look, any ideas?

I'd love to hear from anyone who's got a creative bone in their body.

Next stop, window furnishings....