Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blinds are up.....

The light filtering fabric blocks out the sun, and still allows a lovely soft ambient glow so you don't need to turn the lights on in the middle of the day.

Dining Area (sorry about the cat scratcher!)

Media Room Block out Roman Blinds - Same fabric texture as other living areas, however opted for a Brown/Black colour which will work with my Birds Nest pendant light, it's called Espresso, yum!

Bedroom 2 - This and the bedroom below have the same fabric texture and colour as the living areas in a Block out version.

Bedroom 3

Laundry - same fabric as the living areas as you can see this blind from those areas.

What do you all think? I hope I haven't stuck too bland or plain. 

More Curtains and Romans being installed this afternoon, will pop up some more pics then. 

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  1. That was surely refreshing :) I'm zumming with ideas now :)