Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blinds are up.....

The light filtering fabric blocks out the sun, and still allows a lovely soft ambient glow so you don't need to turn the lights on in the middle of the day.

Dining Area (sorry about the cat scratcher!)

Media Room Block out Roman Blinds - Same fabric texture as other living areas, however opted for a Brown/Black colour which will work with my Birds Nest pendant light, it's called Espresso, yum!

Bedroom 2 - This and the bedroom below have the same fabric texture and colour as the living areas in a Block out version.

Bedroom 3

Laundry - same fabric as the living areas as you can see this blind from those areas.

What do you all think? I hope I haven't stuck too bland or plain. 

More Curtains and Romans being installed this afternoon, will pop up some more pics then. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Isn't it great..............

when you don't have to chase people.

On today's To Do list was to follow up the two curtains and blinds suppliers to get an ETA. Well before I could even boot up the laptop this morning I had it all sorted after getting calls from both suppliers to book installation this week!

The Luxaflex Blinds will be installed tomorrow and then the Curtains and Romans will be installed on Thursday afternoon, just in time for the weekend!

The only thing we won't have yet is the White Shutters for the Bathrooms, however they shouldn't be too far away.

So watch this space in the next few days for updates and photos of the finished products!

Monday, June 6, 2011

All rugged up....

It's getting quite chilly here at night and early mornings with no curtains or blinds so we popped out on the weekend and picked up this Rug to warm and brighten up the place.

It's actually quite deep in colour, the photos don't quite do it justice. The little bits of 'seaweed' (that's what I'm calling it) are raised and little Snickers (The brown cat on the lounge) loves pouncing on them.

It's a glorious day here today, sun is out and shining.

This is the house being built behind us. A guy turned up yesterday, on a Sunday, and started rendering all by himself. He did the whole LHS and half of the rear as you can see below.

They've just set up again, there are three of them today and they are hard at it again. Surely if there's three of them they'll be finished by lunchtime!

I did say that I'd do a post last week about the curtains and blinds however I've found it difficult to try and describe what I've ordered.

All I'll say is I've used two suppliers, one for some gorgeous Zepel and Warwick Fabrics for our Bedroom, the Guest room and the Office/Soon to be Nursery. I then opted for some Luxaflex Roller and Roman Blinds for the living areas and other spare bedrooms. The fabric I've chosen is a Light Filtering Sheer that is white and with an almost rice paper look that is a heavier texture. I also used Luxflex to put some White Shutters in the bathrooms.

I'm expecting a call this week about the Roller and Roman Blinds from Luxaflex to come and install, the others however are still all at least 2 weeks away.

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The handover, the move and up untill now......

We met the site supervisor onsite at 9am on Tuesday 12th April for the Handover Inspection to do a walk through, collect all the keys etc and sign off on the Practical Completion certificate.

I took these photographs as the finished product with no furniture etc... 

Hallway leading to bedrooms

Hallway looking back to living room and our bedroom is the far room. The door you can see on the left is to the study which will serve as the Nursery which will be closer to our room.

The Nursery, currently set up as the office

Guest Room

Guest Room Ensuite

Our Room

 Our Walk in Robe

Our Ensuite vanity

Our Ensuite Bath & Shower

Main Bathroom

Laundry which is off the Kitchen

The following photos were taken the next day after we spent the whole day doing two loads of stuff including all our plants. By this stage it was getting dark and my husbands' efforts of installing the letter box were inspected on my way back to the old place....

Finally on Thursday 14th April the removalist trucks arrived at the new house around 1pm and all was unloaded and furniture placed in their new home by around 2.30pm! The movers were great and really fast, no breakages and nothing was lost.

This photo is of the sunset on our first night in the new house.....

We feel so blessed to be spending our days in our Dream Home and being surrounded by the beautiful mountains and environment still has us in awe every day.

I've been busy working on window furnishings, new appliances, new furniture pieces, artwork placement, landscaping & driveway and of course the Nursery which I'll put the details in another post shortly.

I hope you all enjoy the photos of the finished product and I do apologise for not posting them sooner.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Countdown is on............

For the past few weeks I've been sorting and decluttering everything!!!

Boxes of items for Charity......

My beloved Cook Books are packed away.......

Some strange things you find when packing up.... Jim Beam glasses, puuuhhlease!

I won't even get into the things my husband has come across whilst sorting out boxes from his childhood!

Nevertheless we are well and truly on our way to being all packed up here at the 'Old House', yes we are already calling it that! The garage is full of junk for the tip and giveaway items for friends and family. It feels so good to have done this clean out in readiness for the 'New House', we are thinking why haven't we done this sooner? I mean I've always done a spring clean each year in the kitchen, linen cupboards and our closets but somehow going through everything has brought to light how many unecessary items we have packed away somewhere.

We are planning some photographs for the Real Estate this week so when we list this house vacant there will be photo's with furniture placement, however this is putting my packing cycle out of whack, I can't do it room by room just yet.

We have 10 sleeps till moving day so better get cracking!

Not sure how many sleeps these two will have before then........................

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not long now.....................

Timber floors have been sanded and polished, there were plastic bags full of saw dust outside.

Dining Area

Kitchen applicances have been installed, Oven, Induction Stove (In photo) and concealed Rangehood.

View from Dining Room to front of house

Fireplace has been set up, logs are in place - still not chimney though...........?

This is the view of the entrance to my Ensuite, towel rails are installed.

Big water tank installed (it was raining while we were there and we could hear it filling up!) Still not sure why the need for a WARNING sticker about rain water, and why stick it at the front, so ugly!

Our ducted air con - thing?

Roof gables have been filled in with timber batterns

And the sun came out as we were leaving.....

The gorgeous valley on a sunday afternoon.

GO ROAR!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Update from yesterday...............

Check out our Water Tank!

All external paintwork complete - There will be timber slatting in the gables

A very UN-welcome visitor!

Kitchen is almost there..............

The glass splash back has been installed along with the tap. I'm loving the hint of blue in the glass, it's going to pick up nicely with my other blue soft furnishings!

Kitchen via another angle, also the doors to our bedroom have now been painted

Ensuite taps, toilet and mirror installed

Ensite from another angle, you can see the power points still need to be done!

View from back of house through kitchen windows. Dishwasher is also in, this will have a door front same as the kitchen cupboards.

This was the view of from in front of the garage, it really was a glorious day.

And this is the house going up behind us, another set of neighbours!

I also spoke with my neighbour who gave me the name of the company she used to do her window furnishings, she said they were a one stop show with shutters, blinds and curtains. I'm thinking I might pay them a visit prior to hauling myself off to a busy home show. Will keep you posted.